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Below are the services I currently offer. Have an idea not listed? Send me an email! I am open to different advocacy opportunities. All services are billed through Square after an agreed-upon contract is signed. 

Grant Writing

  • Research market of client's business

  • Research relevant funding opportunities

  • Coordinate with marketing, accounting, and development teams for budgeting and eligibility requirements. 

  • Create a grant narrative to support the organization's mission 

  • Research evidence-based data to support grant proposal 

  • Research prior giving per most recent 990 forms, board members, and other relevant information of private funders 

  • Prepare, and submit grant proposals and letters of intent

  • Maintain records accessible to clients for all proposals 


  • Define fundraising narrative based on the organization's mission

  • Evaluate donor history, past fundraising campaigns, and conduct a marketing assessment.

  • Conduct a feasibility study and draft fundraising projections. 

  • Develop, execute and oversee fundraising campaigns including but not limited to events, individual donors, corporate donors, grant funding, corporate matches, merchandise sales, peer-to-peer, social media, and more. 


  • Review websites and company materials to consolidate data to an engaging, easy to read format based on the company's mission.

  • Provide written services including social media captioning, newsletters, articles, etc. 

Prior clients operated in disability advocacy, disability research, STEM, education, mental health, addiction, prison re-entry to society, the arts, farming, women-owned businesses, and children's programs. 

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