The best way to start your journey as an ally to disabled people is simple- listen to their stories. 

The Sick Invite Podcast has 65 episodes of people sharing their experiences on disability, chronic illness, chronic pain, neurodivergence, mental illness, addiction, and more. 

While the podcast has a few episodes highlighting my experience, you can find more through the narratives in progress below. 

I hope sharing my experiences helps people to feel less alone, and helps those who cannot relate learn to be more empathetic. 


The Sick Invite Podcast

A storytelling podcast for all ailments. Big or small, chronic or temporary, the Sick Invite is a place for you to share your story- 'what is wrong with you?'

65 Episodes from 2020-2022 

Poppy Field

Through the Poppy Fields

A narrative (in progress) on chronic illness, friendship, and pregnancy.


A narrative (in progress) about Crohn's Disease.