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A Bit About Me

I started my design business in 2012, selling hand-painted iPhone cases to pay for my art supplies in college. Over the years, my designs grew with my clients and me. What started as blankets for college students has turned into handmade gifts for babies and housewarming presents.


While I pursued my degree, I was navigating my health in a world that was not designed for disabled people. After eight years of increasing pain, discomfort, and illness, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Learning to advocate for myself was daunting and often isolating, but it led me to a new career in the non-profit sector. Today, I run a consulting business where I offer written advocacy services to non-profits serving communities whose voices need amplifying.


Through both Handmade by KERB and Consulting by KERB, I am proud of the work I do. Whether it be finding the right knit décor for your home, or funding your next advocacy project, my skills are here to be shared. Let’s work together.

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